Welcome to CD-e or CD Enhancer! We really like the cd format for music with a physical product that one can hold in his hand. And read the lyrics and look at the artwork and get the music presented in the order that artist had in mind and in pristine cd quality. Who does not remember when one was young after an exploration trip to the record store buying an LP or as later CD´s. The Feeling of getting home and listen to the music and to look at the artwork reading the lyrics and really getting into the music was and is magic. CD-e is a Swedish product entirely developed and produced in Sweden. What CD-e does is through a unique method making it easier for the CD player to read the CD disc. And this in return makes it so you as a listener get a wider and fuller sound stage where you hear all the instruments and voices as intended when the recording was mixed in the studio and as the artist envisioned.

This is how it works

Before you play your CD you place it label side up on the CD-e for about 20 seconds, then you just put it in your CD player. What we recommend as good practice is to put your CD on the CD-e every time you play it and lean back and enjoy when you re-discover your CD collection in a way you never heard it before. To get a good reference of the sound improvement that CD-e gives you! Is to play a little bit of a track of the CD you intend to listen to before using the CD-e. And then listen again after you used it! Usually it ends up being quite an aha experience.